Monday, August 16, 2010

Michael's new school

Right after we moved into the new house, we had to enroll Michael into a new school/daycare. Primrose it is! He really likes the school and so do we. His first day was July 26th and on the first day he made a friend that he played cars with below. But my favorite was a little girl named Kennedy that befriended him and was instructed to show him around and so she took his little hand and showed him where to put his backpack and where the potty was and everything. When I picked him up at the end of the day, she saw me first and ran over to Michael and says, "Michael your Mommy is here!" She was smiling and so happy for him. I told her thank you for being his friend today and she said she could be his friend tomorrow too! So cute.

Just hanging around the house

Ralphie really likes our stairs and especially the 5th step, it is his favorite spot to hang out.

Mandy's Baby Gender Reveal Party

So we are now two weeks in the new home and so why not have another party? LOL
We let Mandy borrow our house to have her Baby Gender Reveal party where she made the cutest cake balls to reveal the gender of her baby! It's a girl!

Ally's 7th Bday Party

So on July 30th our little girl turned 7 years old! We decided to have a party at home after just having the move and all, it was just too hard to get out anywhere and good reason to have family over to the new place. It was pink and Barbie themed, just as she requested. We took her to dinner on her actual bday that Friday night, July 30th where she posed for this cute pic and then we had the actual party the following day on Saturday the 31st, which was me and Mike's 12 year wedding anniversary!

Moved in and Unpacking!

So on July 20th we closed on both our old and new homes and got ready to move! It was a long week with lots of complications but we pulled through with a lot of help from both our families and now are settling in nicely!

Goodbye Mesquite House:

Hello Frisco Home!